I'm a Partner/Account Guy at a 2 yr old creative agency in Boulder, CO called Grenadier - before that I spent 6 1/2 yrs at CP+B. I love the craft of advertising, and everything it takes to make great ads happen. I've been at this for over 22 years. And now more than ever, I believe creativity and innovation are the most disruptive weapons in business today

I’m the father of 4 girls
My wife is one of 4 girls
And my wife’s mother is one of 4 girls.
(I know…it's not her, it's me)

I’m from St. Louis, MO; but I promise not to ask you where you went to high school

I live in the lone blue city in a red state;
My pets are all named for Republican presidents

I try to be a teacher and a student of the game

I like jogging. Running?…not so much

I listen to loud music that I'm pretty sure you wouldn’t like. I own a guitar that looks like Eddie Van Halen’s that is only used to strum chords to old Beatles songs.

I use what some might call ‘salty’ language
Speaking of which, I probably need to start eating better

I am a big fan of the internal combustion engine
Particularly when attached to motorcycles or old Ford Mustangs

This site contains my resume, contact info, and some campaigns I’ve been lucky enough to work on over the years. Hope you like it.